Where do I stand on “the issues”?

I LOVE PROVIDENCE. I will study out the issues and put in the time. The issues are complicated. I will do my best to make decisions consistent with the law and in the best interest of the future of Providence. In general, I come to the Council with no pet project or conflict of interest. It is important to point out that the issues must be carefully studied because more often than not, solutions are not as easy to identify as it first appears.

Parks: I would like to see Providence preserve park space and plan for large multi-use parks as development continues. We currently have 35 acres of “parks” (many of which is simply undeveloped green space or small parks that are not being used). To be up to par with our Capital Facilities Plan and our current population, we should have 52 acres of parks. (That is current population not future.) We need a solid plan in place so we can acquire land. I believe with the right plan we will be able to raise funds. The generous citizens of this community will help us to meet our park needs. 

Recreation: I would love to see more recreation opportunities in our city. I believe there are RPZ resources that are not being utilized which would cover, for example, concerts in the park and additional sports and classes. I would like to see us get back to these community building events. I am open to putting forth the work for events community members would value. 

Let the kids play: Open up the fields so the kids can play. Even beautiful baseball fields were meant to be played on. 

Roads: Providence has approximately 350 city blocks and it is obvious that the roads in Providence are crumbling faster than we are repairing them. It is good to know that the current city council has recently put into place a long-term plan to maintain the newer roads so they will last much longer. Unfortunately, older roads have been neglected beyond repair and now need replacement. The current plan is to replace each of those roads as they reach the end of their usable life. I look forward to seeing the implementation and continued professional input from LTap on city roads.  

City Master Plan: The planning and zoning commission has been working on an updated city master plan for some time.  I believe the time has come to officially adopt a master plan that will serve citizens as they invest in homes and land. This master plan will help to eliminate some of the surprises as development continues. 

Development: I believe in following a master plan and being consistent in neighborhood zoning. I believe that it is bad policy to change a neighborhood zone once it has begun being developed. I also believe in landowner rights, which does lead to development. Cache Valley is going to continue to grow, and people want to move to Providence. By nature, growth always comes with opposition. I believe that an updated master plan would ease shock as development continues to come to our beautiful city. 

LCR (Life Cycle Residential): This land use zone is creating a lot of concern among the citizens of Providence. When there is an outcry of concern, it is the duty of the City Council to listen and to reevaluate and revamp as needed. 

City Ordinances: I believe it would serve the citizens of this city if the council could take time to update some of the more complicated and outdated city ordinances. This is one item where a city manager could provide professional input. 

City Manager: I believe that it is worthwhile to reconsider hiring a city manager. I believe that a city manager could bring experience, money (through grants), order, and a professional perspective to Providence city. For those who are dissatisfied with the status quo, a city manager may be just the help we need. The city council is currently moving forward with this. Hopefully it will be done before the new city council is put in place.