About Me:

My life is full and beautiful so why would I run for city office? I LOVE PROVIDENCE. I have lived here for the past 14 years and want to make a positive difference in a community I love, and in a community I’d love to see my grandchildren grow up. I’ve always been actively engaged in lending my skill set and talent when I see a need. The citizens of Providence deserve to have city council members who listen to them, who will treat them with kindness and respect, and who will always have the long-term best interest of all citizens in mind. I promise to study out the issues and make decisions that I believe are best for the general public of Providence. 

Who am I? I am the mother of five children and a loyal wife to Josh Kirk. Last year I began working part-time as a special needs seminary and institute teacher. I dedicated the previous 14 years to my family. While staying at home, I supported my husband in his graphic and web design business (https://joshkirk.com). I also fulfilled many church and community responsibilities including two years on the Providence Planning and Zoning Commission from November 2009 through December 2011. I have a Bachelors Degree from USU in Elementary Education and a Masters of Science from USU in Instructional Technology.  I love to travel. I am a committed humanitarian and recently lead an expedition to Africa. I am a meticulous planner. And I live every day with intention.

I have chosen “Listen, Love, Lead” as my tag line because that is the person I am and continuously strive to be.